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What to Expect During Your Hearing Evaluation

When you arrive at a Sherard Hearing Center, we realize you’ve also arrived at an important decision in your life – the decision to reconnect with the world around you.

Watch our videos to see what you can expect on your hearing  journey:

  1. First we’ll consult with you on your lifestyle to determine your needs and expectations. The rhythms of your life, the environments you live in and your style of interaction will all figure into our recommendations.
  2. You will experience a free audiometric test, including speech recognition in noise and loudness discomfort levels. The purpose of these procedures is to measure the degree of any possible impairment.
  3. Once you complete your hearing assessment, you’ll know whether you have any degree of hearing loss. If you decide to correct it, you and your hearing professional will pick the Hearing Solution that is right for you. This final part of the consultation will allow you to make an informed decision about your amplification options.


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